1. What fees/Costs are there? $150 registration for 1 year. Local tournaments $10-$20, National/State Tournaments $25-$40. Singlet deposit is $30. Kids need to have wrestling shoes and headgear. These can be found at local sports stores or online. 
2.  Are competitions mandatory? No, while we love to see the kids compete it is up to you as a parent on when you want your kids to compete and how often. 
3. How long is the season? Folk-style or collegiate style runs from the end of October until after the State tournament usually at the end of February beginning of March. Freestyle/Greco Roman starts after Folk-style and runs until the end of May.  
4. How do we sign up for Tournaments? The State uses Trackwrestling.com for all the tournaments. You can register your kids through the website. We have attached more info under the resources tab.